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In Our Latest Episode: A Glimpse into the Cen-X Launch Event

In our latest episode, Episode 4, join hosts Dion Tansey and Muhammed Rauf as they provide an inside look into the Cen-X launch event. Muhammed Rauf, Director of Business Development at Centric, sets the stage, and Dion Tansey, Founder of Cen-X, shares a personal journey that led him to his role today.

Discover the highlights of the event, including engaging discussions on mental health with special guests Esther Agyeman and Dr. Ties Hoomans. The podcast delves into the significance of mental well-being, incorporating audience questions for a lively exchange.

As the night concludes, enjoy the poetic touch of Cezanne Poetess with ‘A Dedicated Writer,’ and indulge in healthy offerings from Anne Betty’s Kitchen. Dion reflects on the impact of mindful eating on mental health.

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