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Podcast Episode Three Overview

Welcome to Episode Three of Our Podcast

In this insightful episode, our host Dion delves into a meaningful conversation with Farid Kelekun, a passionate portfolio manager at Impact on Urban Health (IoUH). Farid shares his journey from his previous roles to his current position, shedding light on his unique experiences growing up in different areas of London.

The episode unfolds with a discussion on the powerful collaboration between Centric and Impact on Urban Health, two organizations dedicated to addressing pressing issues that matter. Farid opens up about why the work he’s doing means so much to him, emphasizing that it goes beyond just a job.

Two central themes emerge in this captivating conversation: “Amplifying voices” and “Health inequalities.” These themes resonate deeply with both Centric and Impact on Urban Health, as they jointly strive to tackle these challenges. The Amplifying voices project aims to empower communities, promote positive change, and give a platform to those whose voices often go unheard. It’s all about fostering inclusivity, even in the world of podcasts.

Health inequalities are another focal point of the discussion, exploring the roles institutions can play in addressing disparities within local communities. Farid and the team are dedicated to discovering what works well and amplifying those successes while actively seeking alternatives for what doesn’t. They acknowledge that not all the answers have been found, but they’re committed to the journey of finding them.

Farid’s unwavering dedication to IoUH and their collaborative efforts with organizations like Centric underscore the sense of purpose that drives their work. This podcast episode highlights the transformative potential of such collaborations in bringing about positive change in the community. It sends a clear message: institutions can be trusted, and they’re here to help.

Tune in as we explore these crucial topics, gain insights from Farid’s experiences, and discover the impact of community collaboration. This episode is a testament to the power of individuals and organizations coming together to make a real difference. Don’t miss it!

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